ATV/UTV Information

ATV/UTV Information

Jefferson County has recently opened all County roads ( roads with letter names; example County Road D, County Road J etc.) to ATV/UTV traffic. The East side of the Town of Jefferson, Helenville area, has Town roads open to ATV/UTV’s.  Any Town road that is SIGNED is open.  There are a few ATV/UTV trails in the Helenville area.  The trails are for club members only and are not open to the public. Residents on the West side of the Town of Jefferson will have to request if they would like the Town roads open to ATV/UTV’s. The Town roads must be signed first with the cost of the signs being covered by the residents.  The cost of each sign is $25.00. 

Please contact the following Board members with questions or requests for opening up the Town roads:

Supervisor Tracie Stammer- Phone: (920) 988-9782 Email: [email protected]

Clerk Tina Barnes- Phone: (920) 674-5073
[email protected]

Originally published on 2021/06/14